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Purple Team Europe Summit

Amsterdam, Netherlands | Mon, Oct 26, 2020
Live Event starts in 207 Days

Purple Team Europe Summit & Training 2020

Purple Team Europe Summit & Training 2020

  • Experience one day of in-depth Summit presentations (Oct 26)
  • Enhance your experience with a closely aligned, immersive SANS course (Oct 27 - Nov 1) following the Summit
  • Learn directly from the world's top cyber security practitioners

Purple Team Europe Summit & Training 2020

Summit: Oct 26 | Training: Oct 27 - Nov 4

Get the most out of your Red and Blue Teams

Red Teams emulate real-world attacks that help an organization understand where vulnerabilities exist, while Blue Teams are responsible for identifying and mitigating vulnerabilities, as well as improving detection and prevention. Effective collaboration between these two teams, who have traditionally worked in separate silos, is essential for any security program looking to strengthen its security posture. To stay ahead of today’s attacks and maximize the value of Red and Blue Teams, high-impact organizations utilize purple team tactics and adversary emulation.

Hear from the experts— learn to leverage Purple Team tactics

The Purple Team Summit will bring together leading security practitioners to explore practical uses of threat emulation tactics, detection capabilities, and security controls. Experts will draw upon their own experiences and share current purple team concepts that you can implement within your own security program.

Explore a diverse range of topics, including:

  • Building a purple team
  • Building a feedback loop between red and blue teams, as well as public cyber threat intelligence feeds
  • Building an adversary detection pipeline
  • Simulated exercises and lessons from actual incidents
  • Vulnerability assessments and attack emulation
  • Collaboration approaches that maximize value of red and blue teams

2019 DFIR Summit

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SANS Summits

At SANS we have made it our mission to share knowledge with all who will listen, to make the world a safer place. And it starts with you.

Learn from industry experts at SANS Summits, a series of influential talks from leading cyber security specialists. Through inspiring keynotes, highly technical presentations and panel discussions, you will receive insights into new bleeding edge tools and techniques, live demos and case studies from the field.

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SANS Summits

Summit and Training bundle options

SANS Training and Summits are built around a promise: students will be able to put into practice what they’ve learned as soon as they get back to their desk. Summits usually precedes or follows a week of SANS training, and offer the perfect compliment to your classroom-based learning.

Note that registering for the SANS Training does NOT automatically register you for the Summit. If you want to register for the Summit, you can do so via the registration form and take advantage of our bundle option:

ICS Europe Summit: ONLY 373 EUR when taking a 4-6 day course

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