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SANS CyberTalent Immersion Academy Benefits

Benefits for Veterans

  • Free Tuition. The SANS Institute will provide, courses, instruction, simulations, exams, certifications, and employer assistance at no cost to qualified veterans.
  • Industry-leading Curriculum. Participants will complete SANS courses and labs, recognized as the top professional development programs in the information security industry.
  • Hands-on Learning. The Academy emphasizes practical, real-world knowledge, so participants leave with the hands-on skills to fill critical cybersecurity positions.
  • Expert Faculty. SANS instructors are considered the best in the world. All meet SANS' stringent requirements and bring both real-world experience and exceptional teaching skills to their students' learning experience.
  • Employers Committed to Veterans & Cyber. Participating employers have demonstrated a clear commitment to both cybersecurity leadership and ensuring veterans success in the workplace.

Benefits for Employers

  • Pre-screened, Qualified Candidates. Academy participants are screened from active duty service members who have 1 - 3 years work experience and demonstrated aptitude and skills in cybersecurity
  • Trained & Certified Graduates. Academy graduates have received extensive training and earned industry certifications.
  • An Immediate impact. Academy graduates are ready and able to utilize the range of tools and technologies currently used by leading information security organizations. They arrive with the ability to analyze network traffic to extract the observable characteristics of networks and devices, assemble tools and configure systems that are more resilient and better able to maintain continuity through attacks, understand and defend against attacker techniques, engage in penetration testing, and effectively respond to incidents.
  • Support Veterans in the Workplace. Participating employers provide transitioning veterans with a career path to high paying jobs, and meaningful careers in the growing information security industry.
  • Cost-Efficient Workforce Development. The Academy gives employers highly efficient access to a unique group of qualified candidates for critical, hard to fill positions