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Cyber Workforce Academy Application - Maryland

Thank you for your interest in the SANS Cyber Workforce Academy - Maryland. Please note the application process below:

  • Candidate completes a web application form
  • The application will be reviewed and an assessment test sent within three days
  • Candidates must complete the assessment test within five days, unless otherwise specified
  • Test results are reviewed once a week and candidates will receive an invitation to submit supporting documents including a resume and formal transcripts to complete their application
  • Qualified candidates will be invited to a phone interview
  • All candidates will be informed of their application status within four weeks of the application deadline

Applications that do not have valid information will not be processed. If you have questions about the application, please email

All fields on this application are required in order to comply with the requirements of the EARN Maryland grant. Your information will be protected and not be shared with any third-parties.

You can only apply to one academy. Please review the eligibility requirements to ensure you are eligible.


Demographic Information:

In complying with the letter and spirit of applicable laws and in pursuing our own goals of pluralism, SANS Institute shall not discriminate on the grounds of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability, or Veterans status.


Military Affiliation

Active Duty


Honorably Discharged




Have you applied to any SANS Technology Institute programs?

Your Education & Certifications


Technical Certifications if applicable:
Please note, if you hold a GIAC certification, you are not eligible to apply for this program.


Your Experience


How Did You Hear About the Academy?


I understand and agree that the SANS Institute uses the services of its affiliate, GIAC, for the provision of services including, assessments, data processing, and record-keeping. I release the SANS Institute GIAC and SANS Technology Institute, to share with each other (and only with each other) any and all information each may currently or may in the future hold about me in their systems. In so doing, I am authorizing the SANS Institute to release my training dates/locations and related information to potential employers, and I am authorizing GIAC to release my exam/paper scores and related information to potential employers. These data may be used by the SANS Institute during their review of my application, in the course of any future academic advising, progress tracking, or other educational purposes.


Date: 02/22/2020