Content Areas Assessed

SANS Assessments are delivered through a web-based tool. There are 30 questions and users have 60 minutes to complete the Assessment. Online reports summarize each user’s results in detail. Digital Forensics Assessments are $150 each with a minimum purchase of 25 total assessments.

Digital Forensic Foundations

The individual will be familiar with fundamental digital forensic methodology and the practical application of examination techniques which include the collection, preservation and analysis of common digital file systems, applications and volatile artifacts.

Cornerstone Digital Forensics

The individual will demonstrate an understanding of the essentials of a digital forensics practice. These individuals approach engagements with the technical ability to perform reliable and repeatable examinations of digital assets. The individual will be familiar with the process and practice of preserving, collecting and examining physical devices, volatile evidence and network infrastructure elements.

Advanced Digital Forensics Principles

The individual will demonstrate a progressive and compound understanding of advanced digital forensics techniques and methodology. These individuals will be familiar with the protocols and actions required to lead complex digital engagements involving the detection and examination of malware, malicious network events and host based artifact analysis.