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SANS Data Protection Survey Needs Your Opinions

By Deb Radcliff
SANS Analyst Program Editor-in-Chief

BETHESDA, MD — For years, cradle-to-grave data protection has been a pipe dream, but today it's even more important because data moves into and out of the cloud, onto mobile devices and elsewhere outside the perimeter.

Given the mobile nature of data today, data protection should be a top priority for organizations. But is it? Please share your experiences in a SANS survey on Data Protection publishing in association with the the SANS Data Breach Summit, held in September.

SANS designs our surveys to find out what the pain points are for those managing particular problems and how to improve them. For example, in this survey, we look into whether the IT pros responding to the survey know what sensitive data they need to protect and where and how that data is used and stored. Based on your input to the survey, we try to seek out the best practices and provide advice.

"Ultimately, organizations need a means to not only proactively identify, assess and protect sensitive data, but to inform their executives of the state and safety of their information," says Barb Filkins, author of the report.

From a legal and regulatory viewpoint, management is very often the responsible party for setting policy around the protection, privacy and security of data held by the organization. Yet they are often unaware of the risks involved in protecting the actual data and information.

This survey will shed light on some of the best practices for protecting their critical assets.
Your opinion and experience makes these surveys helpful to the IT professionals and risk managers. So we encourage you to take the survey and in the process you may also enter to win a $400 Amazon Gift Card OR a free pass to the SANS Data Breach Summit.

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