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SANS has curated a collection of the longest-standing, true-tested, and applicable courses in our curriculum to bring you SANS Classic 2024 (January 15 – January 20, EDT). Experience one of our frequently updated and proven courses that stand as the building blocks of the entire SANS curriculum.

After my second time through FOR508, there is still such a vast amount of knowledge and learning to be had. SANS does an awesome job of keeping the information current and relevant to today, and the labs and exercises are comprehensive and extremely helpful for practicing and reinforcing course concepts.” – Andrew C., US Military

SANS Classic 2024 – Live Online Features

  • Practical cyber security training taught by real-world practitioners
  • Real-time support from GIAC-certified teacher assistants
  • Dedicated chat channels for networking
  • Hands-on labs in a virtual environment
  • Courseware in electronic and printed books
  • Most courses align with GIAC certifications
  • Earn CPE credits towards a certification renewal
  • Archive of course lectures uploaded to your account daily during the event
  • Four months of access to your course lectures recordings

The best part of SANS training is the absolute knowledge of the instructors. They bring real-world examples to the forefront and have their thumb on the pulse of current tactics used by attackers.
Jessie Prevost
- Trend Micro
SANS training keeps individuals up-to-date with relevant cyber security information. I can now apply the skills learned towards further maturing my program.
Nicholas Marriott
- Pfizer
I'm blown away at the effectiveness and ease of the Live Online platform. I was concerned based on previous online training experience, but this is well done!
Robin A.
- US Federal Agency
Prior to the course I was worried about how the virtual classroom would work, but my instructor and the TAs quickly washed those concerns away; Live Online may actually be my new preferred method of training!
John Woeltje
- Deloitte
Honestly, I don't see any room for improvement in the instructor, course, platform or TAs. I really love the Live Online platform, and the TAs are killing it! It's truly an incredible experience so far.
Evan Carrillo
- Booz Allen Hamilton

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    SANS Live Online training events offer interactive courses taught by real-world practitioners, real-time support from GIAC-certified TAs, hands-on labs, an archive of course lectures uploaded to your account daily during the event, and four months of access to your course lectures after the event.

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