The SANS Jupiter Rockets cyber range is an in-depth offensive simulation for pen testers and red teamers. Participants get to flex their skills evaluating the security of an entire enterprise dedicated to sending rockets to planet Jupiter.

It’s an open world challenge that looks and feels like a real penetration test. You start with VPN access to a perimeter network and then exploit your way into the environment to discover its secrets.

With an extensive set of modern targets on various enterprise network segments, you’ll have to pivot, pillage, and plunder your way to achieve your ultimate objective: snagging Jupiter Rockets’ crown jewels by accessing their innovative development environment.

Characteristics of Jupiter Rockets

  • Intermediate to advanced offensive content
  • Structured to feel like a real-world penetration test, red team exercise, or offensive operation
  • In-depth content with a real enterprise network feel
  • Up-to-date target systems throughout, increasing realism
  • Open world, choose-your-own path approach, letting you build your skills
  • Solo or team play

Who should participate?

  • Penetration testers
  • Red Teamers
  • Offensive Operators
  • Intermediate to advanced cyber security personnel looking to improve their offensive skills


Private Ranges for your Team

Select a private cyber range experience for your team to assess or advance their skills to meet the unique needs of your organization. SANS will help you to:

  • Define Learning Objectives
  • Develop Scorecards
  • Configure Content & Platform
    Jupiter rockets is both awesome and frustrating in equals measures; exactly what a great CTF should be!
    Jupiter Rockets Winner
    Jupiter Rockets introduced me to all kinds of penetration testing basics such as port scanning and enumeration and it helped me understand how it is used in a real-life scenario. I thoroughly enjoyed it and it helped develop my interest in cyber security.
    Jupiter Rockets takes you through a fictional pentest and does a good job of having one scenario covering multiple disciplines.
    Tom Wood
    Jupiter Rockets Winner, Hackfest 2020