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What people have said about SANS:

"SANS was hands-down the best technical training I've taken. Excellent materials, excellent instruction. Real-world scenarios you can apply on your first day back in the office."

- Justin Griffin, Southern California Edison
"The more SANS content I consume, the more I see thoroughness and thoughtfulness that I've not seen in other technical trainings."

- Laura F., U of MN
"The instructor is excellent at sharing his real-world experiences and case knowledge. That is what sets SANS training apart!"

- Casey McKnight, Dell EMC
"Every day I'm learning more about how to become a great security analyst & help protect my company."

- Jason Leikis, Progressive Leasing
"SANS is by far the best InfoSec training available in the world. Every instructor and speaker I have encountered at SANS are straight-up superstars! The knowledge I gained from SANS is invaluable to not only my career personally, but to any company that employs me. Hands-on, real-world application and practice throughout the course allows for a deeper understanding of how our networks can be attacked and how they should be defended."

- Brian Bailey, West Virginia State Treasurer's Office
"SEC504 is the best training that I have received in the realm of InfoSec, well worth the money."

- David Snow, Texas Department of Public Safety
"SANS offers great training that gives users actionable items to implement when they are done."

- Jeff Murray, Campbell Scientific
"The quality of the course, knowledge of the instructor and professionalism of SANS was by far better than any other training I have been to."

- Adam Harris, Sparks Police Department
"I have taken several SANS training courses and feel that I've walked out better prepared (dare I say "leveled up") to handle my day-to-day tasks. SANS courses give great insight into things you might be missing, and great perspectives from instructors who actually work in the field."

- Shane Wolfe, Space Telescope Science Institute
"SANS events are the best InfoSec conferences out there. Their instructors are top-notch and I would recommend anyone in the field to attend at least one of their courses!"

- Jonathan O'Neal, MSD
"SANS provides training that is directly applicable to one's job in daily life."

- Anirudhan Sudarsan, Expedia Group
"I've attended local trainings and undergraduate/graduate courses from highly-ranked universities, and nothing comes close to the level of technical hands-on training that SANS provides."

- Bryan Curl, County of Monterey, California
"SANS training takes what can be abstract and theoretical and teaches it in a way that is applicable and memorable."

- Carol Ann Jacobs , Epsilon Data Management
"SANS training is the best in the industry and can't be beat. What I learned at SANS I will continue to use throughout my career."

- Charles Chastain, Patagonia
"SANS training is top in the industry and can't be beat. What I learned at SANS will continue throughout my career."

- Charles Chastain, Patagonia
"SANS training provides instant value! I sent my team five improvement action items driven by today's content. Plus, I have a plan that will likely save me over $100k in expenses for our current budget cycle."

- Rob Conn, EchoStar
"SANS training is top-notch and comprehensive, provided by knowledgeable and experienced instructors."

- Shawn Pray, Accenture
"SANS has created such an outstanding learning environment. Whether it is through their Online or In-Person training, the instructors and the content are far superior to anything else I have experienced."

- Adam Fowler, Graduate Management Admission Council
"SANS training is super intense, but so worthwhile. The hands-on labs and tools are really first-rate and allow you to start working and training with new things immediately. The course, labs, and challenges definitely test you and help validate what you know."

- Blake Bourgeois, LSU
"SANS instructors and students are all passionate about security and it shows. This is the best training I've ever had."

- David Taylor , OverDrive
"SANS training went beyond the theoretical, showing real-time relevant knowledge and how to use it in my daily work."

- Reuben Landge, Mary Kay
"As a cyber security professional, I came into this course (SEC401) thinking I knew a lot about the field. I was dead wrong!"

- Matthew Pastoria, CrowdStrike
"The tools and methods used in FOR508 to find forensic evidence really open your eyes to see the power of hunting. The instructor also has a super interesting way of describing highly technical content."

- John Canela, FireEye
"The combination of highly relevant material, hands-on exercises, and SANS instructors who supplemented the material with real-world stories and examples made the course material come alive in a way no other delivery method could."

- Ted Nichols, BlueCross BlueShield of SC
"The decision to take five days away from the office is never easy, but so rarely have I come to the end of a SANS course and had no regret whatsoever. This was one of the most useful weeks of my professional life."

- Dan Trueman, Novae PLC
"SANS has the best instructors and the best training available for information security."

- John Lucas, Sutter Health
"SANS gives you hands-on training you can use right away!"

- Manuel Wallace, ABC Financial LLC
"SANS is the best training in security leadership! The course content is well crafted, the instructor is amazing, and the staff was supportive."

- Syed Talha, Innovative Solutions
"SANS gave me information that I can take back to the office and use in my role right away."

- David Wynne, AEMO
"The immediate value of SANS course material is unlike any training I've ever received. A++."

- David Savercool, Dart Container Corp.
"SANS training is always the best in its class. Nobody even comes close."

- David Branscome, Microsoft
"SANS training is far superior to other training programs."

- Paul Petrasko, Bemis Company
"You cannot beat the quality of SANS courses and instructors. I came back to work and was able to implement the skills I learned in class on day one. Invaluable."

- Melissa Sokolowski, Xerox
"SANS training has been a very important part of my career growth. The instructors, content, and networking are all part of this incredible experience."

- Melanie Thomas, Security On-Demand
"SANS training is top-notch in cybersecurity. I don't know of any other provider of training at the same level."

- Michael Brown, 24by7Security, Inc.
"The teaching, the materials and the course content were excellent. I'll definitely be taking another SANS class."

- Yvette Kinsale, Bank of America
"The training offered at SANS is the best in the industry."

- Michael Hoffman, Shell Oil Products US
"I've taken many networking classes but this SANS course has filled in so many gaps. I wish I had forgone my prior training and started here."

- Kim Ramsey-Griffin, Virginia State Police
"SANS training is like no other out there. The instructors do an AMAZING job of not only teaching the topics in an engaging manner but really firing you up more about security."

- Sydney Howard, Nordstrom
"SANS training is beyond valuable. Learning from the best instructors in the world who practice what they preach each and every day. You learn skills and techniques that are going to help advance your personal career and protect your company."

- Justin Bradshaw, Wegmans
"SANS always has top-notch training that I recommend to all my friends in the IT world."

- Holden Rose, CSRA
"SANS training prepares you for a wide variety of disciplines, and you're able to put that training to use as soon as you return to work."

- Scott Hovanec, Netsimco
"The quality of SANS training speaks for itself. This is my fifth year attending and I find the training to be invaluable."

- B. Anderson, Security Finance
"The SANS training experience is second to none. The instructors are world-class, as is the organization."

- AJ Bennett, EY
"SEC545 is an excellent, broad course covering all the fundamental components of cloud & cloud security with AWS. It's hands-on, and a deep dive."

- Salim Haji, Cyber Saints LTD.
"As a leader in information technology security, it is imperative that I remain current. This outstanding training was current, relevant, and highly valuable for me to serve organizations."

- Dr. Nancy Landreville, NML Computer Consulting Company
"Hands down, the best training available. SANS is leading the way for the future of security."

- Jack Shultz, American Transmission Company
"Very actionable content. This is what I like about SANS!"

- Jeroen Vandeleur, NVISO
"OMG!!! You just showed me something that is going to completely change the way I do forensics."

- Jeff Madsen, Washington State DSHS
"SANS is must-have training for anyone who wants to learn about the different tools that can help them become a successful information security leader."

- Aregahegn Negatu, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
"SANS continues to offer the most in-depth, most comprehensive security training available! - Don Lopez, Valley National Bank "SANS is the gold standard in InfoSec."

- Lucky Onoriode, Makoni Technologies Inc.
"SANS provides world-class training that is regularly updated with the latest information, and taught by people who are working in the field."

- Alan Waggoner, Siemer Milling Company
"SANS courses give you real-world skills that have an immediate value on the security environment."

- Eric Kaithula, Symetra
"SANS arms me with skills that I can immediately apply to my work environment."

- George Frazier, Lower Merion School District
"There is no better InfoSec training in the world than SANS."

- Lou Dignam, Virtua Health Inc.
"The quality of SANS far exceeds any other training I've attended."

- Megan Dunn, Equifax
"I have attended several SANS courses over the years and I am always impressed with the level of knowledge and professionalism of the instructors."

- Ron Foupht, Sirius Computer Solutions
"SANS instructors are the top in their respective fields and heavily respected. Very knowledgeable."

- Daniel Betz, Union Bank and Trust
"I've always found SANS training to be the best training available, and this course even more so! The instructor's teaching methods and the course material are phenomenal. The instructor teaches you the why and how, not just the way to use a tool. Really great!"

- Gary Sanders, LWCC
"SANS is hands-on and teaches real-world application of skills to drive the concepts home much better than in any other training I've attended."

- Dave Gendelman, UGI Corp.
"SANS courses have always been the best of all courses I have taken, and MGT512 fits that description so far."

- Mark Schaaf, National Institutes of Health
"SANS is the pinnacle of IT security training."

- John Fulmer, ManTech