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Meeting the challenges the pandemic presents to the cyber security mission - a message from our CEO

SANS has been working tirelessly to continue serving the cybersecurity community and we remain as committed as ever to bringing exemplary cybersecurity content and training to students around the world. We know that attackers are exploiting this global health crisis to inflict damage on people, organizations, and nations. Now more than ever, our community needs to be vigilant and prepared.

Thousands of students have continued to improve their skills during the pandemic by taking SANS training online, via our OnDemand and Live Online platforms. And, GIAC has set up remote proctoring so that individuals and organizations can continue to certify that students are gaining the right hands on skills. SANS has also continued to provide an extensive set of free materials - posters, cheatsheets, webcasts, whitepapers, talks and Capture-the-Flag challenges.

Our In-Person training is currently on hold. To help decide when we might return to traditional events we have developed the following set of general principles. SANS will:

  • Consider the health and safety of students, instructors, and facilitators our top priority. Putting people's health at risk is not an option, particularly when we have online training alternatives that are proven to be as effective in imparting hand-on skills as in person training.
  • Develop approaches consistent with the laws and cultures of each country, state, and locality.
  • Provide customers the flexibility to switch from In-Person training to Live Online training and vice versa to accommodate changing facts on the ground in both home and event locales.
  • Institute appropriate safety measures such as social distancing and use of masks.

We appreciate that some customers prefer to learn in an in person environment. Take a look at the current status of SANS In-Person training and certifications to see what might be happening in your region.

We remain steadfast in our mission to provide the most trusted cyber security training in the industry so that we can continue to prepare our students for the evolving threats they face each day.

Eric Bassel
SANS Institute