SANS Analyst Papers

TitleAuthorPublication Date
SANS 2019 Incident Response (IR) Survey: It's Time for a Change

Matt Bromiley

July 31, 2019

SANS Top New Attacks and Threat Report

John Pescatore

April 18, 2019

SANS Webcasts

TitleSpeakerPublication Date
Speaking the Language of the Board

Mathew Newfield

September 26, 2019

Integrated Incident Response: A SANS Survey

Matt Bromiley

August 1, 2019

Addressing Consumer Safety Concerns With Zero Trust Security

Chris Kloes

June 24, 2019

How SOC Superheroes Win

Salvatore Sinno, Ismael Cervantes

June 5, 2019

What Are Fileless Attacks and How Can You Stop Them?

Jamie French and Jim Walter

April 30, 2019

SANS Top New Attacks and Threat Report

John Pescatore

April 19, 2019

Playing Moneyball in Cybersecurity

Matt Soderlund

March 25, 2019

Operationalizing Zero Trust Model with Adaptive Security

Salvatore Sinno and Franco Negri and Usamah Hassan

November 7, 2018

Building Your Zero Trust Security Strategy With Microsegmentation: Why Digital Businesses Need A Granular Software Defined Network Segmentation Approach

Dr. Chase Cunningham and Jack Koons

October 25, 2018

Network Microsegmentation Building Zero Trust Security from Data to Devices

Erin Kelly and Jill Walsh

September 25, 2018

Software-Defined Microsegmentation for Regulatory Compliance

Bill Parkinson & Jack Koons

August 2, 2018

Digital Trust in a Perimeter Less World

Jack Koons, Mark Alba and Chip Yeager

April 10, 2018

Building Zero Trust Model with Microsegmentation in the Cloud

Salvatore Sinno & Jonathan Payne

February 9, 2018

Isolate the Critical: How to Deploy Microsegmentation for Operational Resiliency

Erin Kelly and Chip Yeager

October 11, 2017

Protecting the Critical: An innovative approach to defending your Industrial Control Systems

Mike Assante, Christopher Blask, and Stuart Phillips

August 8, 2017