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16 governors invited high school girls to discover whether they would like cybersecurity by playing CyberStart. States included (west to east) Hawaii, Nevada, Wyoming, Colorado, Texas, Iowa, Indiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, West Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, Connecticut, Vermont, and Maine.


  1. 6,554 high school girls registered in just 17 days
  2. They played in the competition for 6 days
  3. While 35.6% had an interest in cyber security before playing, 69.8% said that they will consider a career in cyber security after playing GirlsGoCyberStart (see beige note in chart below)
  4. Girls who thought that they couldn't compete in the industry found that they were good at solving puzzles and liked programming
  5. The girls who played were tenacious (see multiple notes below including wanting to play on Saturday to keep learning)
  6. CyberStart developed creativity and problem-solving skills
  7. CyberStart brought high-end cyber security education to rural schools and others who might not have had computer teachers

NBC News published a strong review of GirlsGoCyberStart and why it is important to young women.

Here's the Thank You note the players and their teachers made for their governors: