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SANS CyberStart

One cyber security program is doing more than educating students. It's inspiring them.
SANS CyberStart

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7 Governors Piloted CyberStart in the Summer of 2017


  1. 3,450 students, mostly male and mostly of college age signed up in 21 days.
  2. The game lasted 4 weeks.
  3. Lessons learned:
    • CyberStart discovers students who have the rare combination of deep curiosity, extreme tenacity, and very rapid learning.
    • Most students (91%) who had not been interested in pursuing cybersecurity careers before playing the game were interested after playing CyberStart.
    • Only 7% of the players were women. They saw the playing field as tilted toward young men.
    • Students were shocked by how much they learned in CyberStart:
      • "This was amazing. Even as a 5th year computer science student I was learning new things. I especially liked how it encouraged you to do the research necessary to solve the problems: it didn't just teach you how to do everything." (Jordan Newton, George Mason University)
      • "I learned how to reverse-engineer stripped binaries!" (Iowa College Junior)
  4. 156 high scorers each won a $3,000 scholarship for CyberStart Essentials. Their scholarships began on April 16, 2018.

State Winners and Results

Click on a governor's picture to see the report on winners and other results in that state.

Rick Snyder

Brian Sandoval

Kim Reynolds

Terry McAuliffe

John Carney

Gina Raimondo
Rhode Island

David Ige

Student Feedback

Click here to see a collection of 50 notes players sent to their governors.

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