If you have products that can actually demonstrate they improve security, WhatWorks is one of SANS' most powerful programs.

WhatWorks is an integrated program that combines webcasts, printed case studies and a variety of complementary sponsorship and branding opportunities. It's both an exceptional chance to connect with the well respected SANS brand and a phenomenal generator of highly qualified leads. Vendor ROI for this program is astonishingly high.

Smart buyers have always demanded an opportunity to talk to users directly. And vendors have always struggled to reduce dependence on a few over-used reference accounts. That's where WhatWorks comes in.

SANS designed WhatWorks as a user-to-user program. It accelerates the buying process by enabling organizations that have implemented effective security technologies to tell the story of why they deployed it, how it works, how they know it actually improves security, what problems they faced and what lessons they learned.

SANS conducts an independent interview and live webcast asking the questions that a potential buyer would want to ask... including what improvements the customer would like to see. It's a highly credible process and has quickly become the 'go to' first stop for serious buyers.

The core of WhatWorks is a Q&A with a customer in a live WhatWorks webcast. But there are a number of additional add-ons to help you reach all segments of the information security audience. The package includes:

  • Live webcast
  • Webcast archived for up to 12 months... continues to drive qualified leads
  • Written case study
  • Use of SANS WhatWorks program logo and information in marketing
  • Use of highly sought-after WhatWorks signage at vendor events
  • Leads from all opt-in listeners to live and archived webcasts. More than 70% of listeners provide their information with very high vendor close rates.
  • SANS independence and branding
  • Exclusive sponsorship opportunities at SANS conference events and other programs