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Attendee Profile & Demographic Information

Attending a SANS conference costs most attendees more than $4000 for tuition. Add the cost of hotel, travel, and time away from the office, and you can appreciate that the companies sending people to SANS are making a substantial investment in their education. They are not the same old people attending a free breakfast. They are the most qualified audience of decision makers and technical influencers you can find.

By request we can also send a list of companies and government agencies represented in recent shows.

Decision Makers

  • Technical Decision Makers
  • Budget Owners or Influencers
  • Large Organizations
Technical Decision Makers
Technical Decision Makers Graph
Attendee Demographics
Attendee Demographics Graph

Industries & Regions

  • Government
  • Banking
  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • North America is primary focus (88% of alumni)
Attendee Industries
Attendee Industries
Alumni Regions
Alumni Regions

Attendee Summary

  • 10,000 paid attendees annually
  • SANS attendees are technical decision makers
  • Budget authority or influence
  • Large organizations
  • Concentration in government, banking, manufacturing, healthcare and education
  • North American focus

Newsletter Demographics

  • Primarily North American subscribers.
  • 82% are budget owners or influencers.
  • 84% intend to make purchases in the next 12 months.
Subscriber Totals
  • NewsBites: 159,000
  • @Risk: 102,000
  • Ouch: 14,000
NewsBites Regional Subscriptions
NewsBites Regional Subscriptions
Purchasing Authority
Purchasing Authority
Purchasing Plans
Purchasing Plans

Webcast Demographics

Webcast listeners are technical decision makers.

Archive webcast listeners are typically in short-term (3-6 mos.) buying cycle. SANS archives webcasts for at least 12 months

Webcast Listeners
Webcast Listeners
# Listeners # Leads
ISC 400-600 200-400
Ask the Expert 400-1500 300-900
Tool Talk 300-700 200-400
Whitepaper 300-600 200-400