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Network Security Policy Templates

Analog/ISDN Line Policy

Defines standards for use of analog/ISDN lines for Fax sending and receiving, and for connection to computers.

DMZ Lab Security Policy

Defines standards for all networks and equipment deployed in labs located in the "Demilitarized Zone" or external network segments.

Remote Access Policy

Defines standards for connecting to the organization's network from any host or network external to the organization.

Router Security Policy

Defines standards for minimal security configuration for routers and switches inside a production network, or used in a production capacity.

The Third Party Network Connection Agreement

Defines the standards and requirements, including legal requirements, needed in order to interconnect a third party organization's network to the production network. This agreement must be signed by both parties.

VPN Security Policy

Defines the requirements for Remote Access IPSec or L2TP Virtual Private Network (VPN) connections to the organization's network.