OnSite: Why OnSite

Organizations host OnSite classes because of the cost savings and convenience. However, one of the biggest advantages of a SANS OnSite is having our faculty teaching directly to your team, at your location, and the freedom to discuss the security issues your organization encounters every day.

Benefits of SANS OnSite include:
  • Certification - OnSite classes focus on the skills and knowledge needed to successfully complete the corresponding GIAC certification exam while fostering team-building and study groups.
  • Schoolhouse/Cohort - Our courses are a part of leading schoolhouses and cohorts allowing organizations to incorporate SANS hands-on training and industry-wide best practices into their internal programs. Our SANS Technology Institute, which is an accredited graduate institution, is now available as a cohort for your organization. Click Here
  • Sensitive Topics - Organizations turn to the OnSite program so they can have private classes where students can discuss topics freely and the instructor can focus on material that may pertain to a sensitive matter or recent breach. Now available onsite at our government customer's desired location. Click here
  • Tailored Content - Only SANS OnSite allows you to put together a course tailored to your organization, including teaching specific days of our week-long classes, times you want the class, or removing material that you may not find useful.
  • Greater Reach - Now students located anywhere in the world can participate in the same live class as your OnSite students with the Simulcast option at no additional cost. Click Here
  • Course Enhancement - Have the opportunity to add discounted course enhancements such as an online tool to reinforce training and an interactive cyber range with report card.