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About SANS OnDemand Online Security Training

SANS OnDemand is part of the SANS Institute, an international education and research organization committed to training the next generation of information security professionals and to contributing knowledge and resources that strengthen the security posture of the global cyber community. A thought leader in the information security space, the SANS Institute maintains numerous free online resources, such as the Internet Storm Center, and serves as a trusted resource for public, private, and corporate organizations around the world. SANS OnDemand courses are reviewed and revised several times each year, ensuring that content is hyper-current and relevant to the constantly evolving information security space. Our instructors are chosen based on two criteria: working expertise in information security and demonstrated excellence in teaching. The result is the most elite pool of information security practitioner-instructors anywhere.

Preferred Training Provider for DoD through AFCEA

Why Choose SANS OnDemand for Your Online Security Training?

1. Who are your instructors?

A select group of IT professionals who are the technology leaders shaping the future of information security. We have recorded the voices and stories of some of SANS top-rated instructors like Dr. Eric Cole, Ed Skoudis and Stephen Northcutt.

2. How much hands-on practice is provided?

Hands-on exercises are provided throughout the course to demonstrate the use of specific tools or skills used in the course. Our users are able to do the hands-on exercises right in their home or office using their own computer systems.

3. Where does the courseware come from?

Our courseware is created by our leading instructors and are updated on a regular basis as technology evolves. OnDemand is also proven to be one of the most effective ways for preparing GIAC certifications.

4. Do you train for certification or competency?

We do both with OnDemand. Every Learning Objective has an outcome statement that describes what knowledge or skill is encompassed in that Learning Objective. Assessment tests and hands-on exercises are given throughout the training to determine competency. At the end of the course the student may attempt the GIAC certification.

5. How big are your classes?

There is a class size of one since all classes are completely Internet-based and we are also available by email or telephone if a student is having problems. Our program allows you to learn at your own pace, and at times convenient to you, instead of attending a class based on a set schedule and timetable.

6. How can I control cost while maintaining convenience?

Through our online security training program, we basically come to you over the Internet whenever, wherever you want to access training. Because many of the Learning Objectives are fairly short, even ten to fifteen minutes can be enough to make progress on your coursework.