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NetWars: Continuous


What is NetWars Continuous?

NetWars Continuous allows participants to build their skills on their own time over a four-month period working from their office or home across the Internet. With a whole set of new challenges beyond those included in NetWars Tournament, participants can build their skills and experiment with new techniques in this Internet-accessible cyber range. Also, NetWars Continuous supports a unique Automated Hint System that turns dead ends into learning opportunities.

NetWars Continuous - Always Available

  • NetWars Continuous is available to NetWars Tournament participants or those who purchase any SANS long course for $999 and to non-participants for $2499.
  • Allows participants an opportunity to advance their hands-on technical skills. Players learn the areas where they need to increase their proficiency so they may improve, come back, and continue the challenge.
  • Gives participants four months of access to NetWars Continuous. At the end of the four months, participants will receive a written assessment of the skills which they demonstrated during NetWars.


You Will Be Able To:

If you successfully complete Level 1, you will be able to:

  • Analyze the configuration of a local machine to find security flaws
  • Evaluate browser forensic artifacts, command shell history, document metadata, and malware to discover crucial evidence
  • Analyze packets for evidence of attacks
  • Determine how an attacker pivoted through the network to gain access to a target machine

If you successfully complete Level 2, you will be able to:

  • Analyze and isolate persistant, evasive malware
  • Analyze a system to determine and thwart attackers' techniques
  • Reconstruct network topologies and attack evidence from packet capture files
  • Crack local passwords and wireless crypto keys
  • Work with SQL databases to find security flaws and evidence

If you successfully complete Level 3, you will be able to:

  • Conduct advanced vulnerability assessment of a target environment
  • Perform network recon and discovery using a variety of tools
  • Conduct network and web app pen testing using the most powerful and common attack techniques today
  • Utilize Metasploit to gain access to and pivot through a target environment
  • Develop the ability to understand and exploit a complex attack surface

If you successfully complete Level 4, you will be able to:

  • Perform a complete penetration test of a DMZ and intranet systems
  • Pivot from a DMZ into a well-patched intranet environment, using advanced penetration testing skills
  • Employ spear-phishing tactics to gain access to an internal network environment
  • Conduct a detailed analysis of the security flaws of target enterprise
  • Show that you've achieved the hands-on skills needed to be a top information security practitioner

If you successfully REACH Level 5, you will be able to:

  • Match wits with the best-of-the-best NetWars players
  • Harden a castle system we provide you on the SANS network infrastructure
  • Analyze attacks against your castle from other expert players as you try to thwart them
  • Attack castles of other participants, planting your flag on their environments as you defend your own turf
  • Be counted as among the best-of-the-best in the industry in defending, analyzing, and attacking systems and networks

"I have to say, NetWars Continuous is awesome! I feel much more confident of my skills than I did before I started. It's one thing to read about security skills--actually putting skills to use is entirely another. It takes a lot of energy and discipline to keep bashing away at the challenges, but it's worth it. I've learned much more than I would have in a short competition--the extra time to experiment and research attacks and defenses is invaluable. It also forced me to document my work as I went along, which is good training for the real world." - John York, BRCC