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Ted Demopoulos

Ted Demopoulos' first significant exposure to computers was in 1977 when he had unlimited access to his high school's PDP-11 and hacked at it incessantly. He consequently almost flunked out but learned he liked playing with computers a lot. His business pursuits began in college and have been continuous ever since. His background includes over 25 years of experience in information security and business, including 20+ years as an independent consultant. Ted helped start a successful information security company, was the CTO at a "textbook failure" of a software startup, and has advised several other businesses. Ted is a frequent speaker at conferences and other events, quoted often by the press. He also has written two books on Social Media, has an ongoing software concern in Austin, Texas in the virtualization space, and is the recipient of a Department of Defense Award of Excellence. In his spare time, he is also a food and wine geek, enjoys flyfishing, and playing with his children.

Listen to Ted help you prepare for the CISSP exam in this free SANS webcast- https://www.sans.org/webcasts/fun-cissp-questions-the-absurd-drink-kool-aid-ugly-99157

Upcoming Courses Taught By Ted Demopoulos
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Training Event
SANS Boston 2016 Boston, MA
Aug 1, 2016 -
Aug 6, 2016

Training Event
SANS Chicago 2016 Chicago, IL
Aug 22, 2016 -
Aug 27, 2016

Training Event
SANS Brussels Autumn 2016 Brussels, Belgium
Sep 5, 2016 -
Sep 10, 2016

Training Event
SANS Seattle 2016 Seattle, WA
Oct 3, 2016 -
Oct 8, 2016

Training Event
SANS Miami 2016 Miami, FL
Nov 7, 2016 -
Nov 12, 2016

*Course contents may vary depending upon location, see specific event description for details.