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Steve Armstrong

  • Certified Instructor

Steve began working in the security arena in 1994 whilst serving in the UK Royal Air Force. He specialized in the technical aspects of IT security from 1997 onward, and before retiring from active duty, he lead the RAF's penetration and TEMPEST testing teams. He founded Logically Secure in 2006 to provide specialist security advice to government departments, defense contractors, the online video gaming industry, and both music and film labels worldwide.

When not teaching for SANS, Steve provides penetration testing and incident response services for some of the biggest household names in gaming and music media. To relax Steve enjoys playing Battlefield to loud music and developing collaborative DFIR tools.

Steve Armstrong's energy is contagious. Although the day was long, I felt alert and engaged at all times. - Amr Zakaa Khalife, Vodafone Egypt

Upcoming Courses Taught By Steve Armstrong
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Training Event
SANS Secure Europe 2014 Amsterdam, Netherlands
May 10, 2014 -
May 24, 2014

Training Event
SANS Abu Dhabi 2014 Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Apr 26, 2014 -
May 4, 2014

Training Event
SANS London Summer 2014 London, United Kingdom
Jul 14, 2014 -
Jul 21, 2014

Training Event
SANS DFIR Prague 2014 Prague, Czech Republic
Sep 29, 2014 -
Oct 11, 2014

Training Event
SANS London 2014 London, United Kingdom
Nov 15, 2014 -
Nov 24, 2014

Training Event
SANS Gulf Region 2014 Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Oct 25, 2014 -
Nov 6, 2014

Training Event
SANS Milan 2014 Milan, Italy
Jun 16, 2014 -
Jun 21, 2014

Training Event
SANS Tallinn 2014 Tallinn, Estonia
Sep 1, 2014 -
Sep 6, 2014

*Course contents may vary depending upon location, see specific event description for details.