Remi Chauchat

  • Affiliation: HSC

Remi joined the Herve Schauer Consulting team in 2010. As a security consultant, he provides services such as security audits, penetration tests and technical expertise, and currently leads the audits and certifications of ARJEL(regulation of online gambling in France). In addition, he teaches HSC's Wireless Security course. Remi graduated from ESEO, a computer and electronic science engineering school in France, and holds CCNA, GWAPT certifications. He has a passion for IT and network security and is happy to share his professional experience through training.

Upcoming Courses Taught By Remi Chauchat
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Community SANS
Community SANS Paris SEC542 ( in French) Paris, France
Oct 5, 2015 -
Oct 9, 2015

*Course contents may vary depending upon location, see specific event description for details.