Philip Hagen

  • Community Instructor
  • Affiliation: Lewes Technology Consulting, LLC

Philip Hagen has over fifteen years of experience in information security, running the gamut from deep technical tasks to management of an entire computer forensic services portfolio.

Phil started his security career while attending the US Air Force Academy, with research covering both the academic and practical sides of security. He served in the Air Force as a communications officer, and was assigned to a base-level year 2000 project management office. The plans he helped create were later used during California's rolling power blackouts. At the Pentagon, he later managed a support team serving 200 analysts.

In 2003, Phil shifted to a government contractor, providing technical services for exotic IT security projects. These included systems that demanded 24x7x365 functionality. He supported the design, deployment, and support of a specialized network for 100 security engineers in ten offices. He later managed a team of 85 computer forensic professionals in the national security sector. He has provided forensic consulting services for law enforcement, government, and commercial clients.

Currently, Phil is the CEO at RedCanary, where he oversees the development and growth of their managed threat detection service, which minimizes the time between a compromise and detection. This helps to support faster and more decisive remediation of network-based intrusions.

Listen to Phil discuss "IT'S ALIVE!!! Investigating with Network-based Evidence" in this SANS webcast that every DFIR professional should listen to.

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