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Michael Murr

Michael has been a forensic analyst with Code-X Technologies for over five years, has conducted numerous investigations and computer forensic examinations, and has performed specialized research and development. Michael has taught SANS SEC504 (Hacker Techniques, Exploits, and Incident Handling), SANS FOR508 (Computer Forensics, Investigation, and Response), and SANS FOR610 (Reverse-Engineering Malware); has led SANS@Home courses; and is a member of the GIAC Advisory Board. Currently, Michael is working on an open-source framework for developing digital forensics applications. Michael holds the GCIH, GCFA, and GREM certifications and has a degree in computer science from California State University at Channel Islands. Michael also blogs about digital forensics on his forensic computing blog.

Upcoming Courses Taught By Michael Murr
/ Location

Training Event
SANS Capital City 2015 Washington, DC
Jul 6, 2015 -
Jul 11, 2015

Training Event
SANS Boston 2015 Boston, MA
Aug 3, 2015 -
Aug 8, 2015

Community SANS
Community SANS Columbia SEC573 Columbia, MD
Sep 21, 2015 -
Sep 25, 2015

Training Event
SANS Tysons Corner 2015 Tysons Corner, VA
Oct 12, 2015 -
Oct 17, 2015

Pen Test Hackfest Summit & Training Alexandria, VA
Nov 16, 2015 -
Nov 23, 2015

Nov 18, 2015 -
Nov 23, 2015

Training Event
SANS San Francisco 2015 San Francisco, CA
Nov 30, 2015 -
Dec 5, 2015

Training Event
SANS Security East 2016 New Orleans, LA
Jan 25, 2016 -
Jan 30, 2016

*Course contents may vary depending upon location, see specific event description for details.