Kick off the New Year with SANS Security East 2017 in New Orleans (January 9-14)


Kevin Perryman

  • Mentor

Kevin Perryman started working with computers when he was 11 years old. Over the years Kevin has developed programs in 30+ computer languages, built personal computers from scratch and repaired computer hardware. Kevin has spent time reverse engineered software and data structures when the developing companies no longer supported their products. Long before it was called Forensic Data Recovery, Kevin developed his data recovery skills working for previous employers when hardware would fail. Using commercial applications, and when needed writing his own programs, to extract critical data elements from failed hard drives, floppy disk, zip drives and CD media. Kevin has developed skills in remote technical computing, data recovery, data analysis and email tracing. Kevin currently is self-employed providing IT Support to small business while also working as a Private Investigator.