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Jess Garcia

Jess Garcia is the founder and technical lead of One eSecurity, a global Information Security company specialised in Incident Response and Digital Forensics.

With near 20 years in the field, and an active researcher in the area of innovation for Digital Forensics, Incident Response and Malware Analysis, Jess is today an internationally recognised Digital Forensics and Cybersecurity expert, having led the response and forensic investigation of some of the world's biggest incidents in recent times.

In his career Jess has worked in a miriad of highly sensitive projects with top global customers in sectors such as financial & insurance, corporate, media, health, communications, law firms or government, in other Cybersecurity areas as well such as Security Architecture Design and Review, Penetration Tests, Vulnerability Assessments, etc.

A Principal SANS Instructor with almost 15 years of SANS instructing experience, Jess is also a regular invited speaker at Security and DFIR conferences worldwide.

Previously, Jess worked for 10 years as a systems, network and security engineer in the Spanish Space Agency, where he collaborated as a security advisor with the European Space Agency, NASA, and other international organisations.

Jess holds a Masters of Science in Telecommunications Engineering + Computer Science from the Univ. Politecnica de Madrid.

Upcoming Courses Taught By Jess Garcia
/ Location

Training Event
SANS Cape Town 2015 Cape Town, South Africa
Nov 30, 2015 -
Dec 5, 2015

Community SANS
Community SANS Madrid FOR610 (in Spanish) Madrid, Spain
Dec 14, 2015 -
Dec 19, 2015

Training Event
SANS Dubai 2016 Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Jan 9, 2016 -
Jan 14, 2016

Training Event
SANS Brussels Winter 2016 Brussels, Belgium
Jan 18, 2016 -
Jan 23, 2016

Training Event
SANS Munich Winter 2016 Munich, Germany
Feb 15, 2016 -
Feb 20, 2016

Training Event
SANS London Spring 2016 London, United Kingdom
Feb 29, 2016 -
Mar 5, 2016

Training Event
SANS Secure Singapore 2016 Singapore, Singapore
Mar 28, 2016 -
Apr 9, 2016

Training Event
SANS Secure Europe 2016 Amsterdam, Netherlands
Apr 4, 2016 -
Apr 16, 2016

*Course contents may vary depending upon location, see specific event description for details.