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Jarrod Frates

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Jarrod started on computers in elementary school on a TRS-80, and moved through the years to the Apple II, the Macintosh, and eventually the PC. After working for a couple of years as the unofficial "computer guy" in his department, he transitioned into a full-time IT role in the mid-1990s, eventually working on projects involving wireless networking and PKI cryptography. Since then has held a strong interest in the cat-and-mouse games between attacker and defender. He's worked in a variety of industries, including medical manufacturing, financial, energy, and local government, learning that while every environment is different, no environment is truly unique. For the last few years, he's been involved in security operations at an ACS, Inc., contract at the County of Orange, overseeing a wireless networking deployment and taking a strong role in re-engineering the County's security infrastructure, among many other projects. He holds a GAWN and GCIH, and has no plans to stop with those.

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Mentor Session Dallas, TX
Jun 2, 2015 -
Jul 21, 2015

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