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David Cowen

Mr. Cowen has more than sixteen years of experience in the areas of integration, architecture, assessment, programming, forensic analysis and investigation. He currently holds the Certified Information Systems Security Professional certification from (ISC)2. He has been trained in proper forensics practices by the High Tech Crime Investigators Association, ASR Data and Guidance Software, and SANS, amongst others. He is an active contributor within the computer forensics community where he frequently presents and trains on various forensic topics. He has managed, created, and worked with multiple forensics/litigation support teams and associated procedures. His experience spans a variety of environments ranging from high security military installations to large/small private sector companies. He is the author of Infosec Pro Guide to Computer Forensics, Hacking Exposed: Computer Forensics (1st and 2nd edition) and the Anti Hacker Toolkit 3rd edition all by McGraw Hill.

Mr. Cowen has testified in a number of cases over the years with two of the highlights featured in Verdict Search being Exel Transportation Services Inc., a Delaware Corporation v. Total Transportation Services, LLC, a Delaware Corporation d/b/a Worldwide Total Transportation Services GP, LLC; Total Transportation Services, LP, a Delaware Limited Partnership d/b/a Worldwide Total Transportation Services, LP; Michael Joseph Musacchio, an Individual; and John Michael Kelly, an Individual, No. 3-06-cv-0593-R leading to a $10 million dollar settlement and Orix Capital Markets LLC v. Super Future Equities Inc., Keon Michael Arjmandi, Schumann Rafizadeh, Cyrus Rafizadeh and Houman Thomas Arjmandi, No. 3:06-cv-00271-B leading to a $12.5 million dollar verdict.

Listen to David Cowen's industry changing research, released on Windows USN Journal Analysis, for real-time tracking of a suspect's activity on a Windows system.

"David Cowen rocks. He is funny. He is friendly and extremely knowledgeable."  Bob Akin, SAIC

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