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Security West 2014

San Diego, CA | Thu, May 8 - Sat, May 17, 2014

Heather Mahalik

Heather Mahalik is a project manager for Ocean's Edge, where she uses her experience to manage projects focused on wireless cyber security and mobile application development. Heather has over 12 years of experience in digital forensics, vulnerability discovery of mobile devices, application reverse engineering and manual decoding. She is currently a certified instructor for the SANS Institute and is the course lead for FOR585, Advanced Smartphone Forensics.

Previously, Heather led the mobile device team for Basis Technology, where she led the mobile device exploitation efforts in support of the U.S. Government. She also worked as a forensic examiner at Stroz Friedberg and the U.S. State Department Computer Investigations and Forensics Lab, where she focused her efforts on high profiles cases. Heather co-authored Practical Mobile Forensics and various white papers, presented at leading conferences, and instructed classes focused on Mac forensics, mobile device forensics, and computer forensics to practitioners in the field. Heather maintains www.smarterforensics.com where she blogs and hosts work from the digital forensics community.

Listen to Heather discuss "Bypassing Locked Smartphones - Are you really locked out?" in this SANS webcast that every DFIR professional should listen to.

"I have been working with phones since 2009, and Heather very casually showed me how much I don't know. Excellent!" Harbin Combee - MPDC

Heather Mahalik Will Be Teaching the Following Course:
Course Certification
FOR585: Advanced Smartphone Forensics

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