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9th Annual ICS Security Summit

Lake Buena Vista, FL | Wed, Mar 12 - Sun, Mar 23, 2014


Our events incorporate external vendor partners showcasing some of the best security solutions available. Take advantage of the opportunity to interact with the people behind the products and learn what they have to offer you and your organization.

Bronze Sponsors



Tenable Network Security


Raytheon Cyber Products




OPSWAT's innovative solutions for secure data workflow deliver advanced threat protection through scanning data with many anti-malware engines and sanitizing documents to prevent unknown threats. We enable customers to easily adapt our solutions to their existing infrastructure to add control over the flow of data into and out of secure networks.

Ioactive Inc.


Advances in technology create new opportunities and unforeseen risks. Thats why cutting-edge research is central to IOActive services. We are the only global security consultancy conducting chip-to-code assessments with a state-of-the-art hardware lab and deep expertise spanning hardware, software, and wetware. We help industrial clients stay ahead of tomorrow's threats.



Securicon provides expert application, system and network security consulting services. These services include: cyber program development, vulnerability assessments, compliance audits and consulting, security architecture consulting, application security evaluations, penetration testing, EMS and DCS assessments, device testing, and more. These services are delivered across corporate America, with special focus in the Utilities, Water, Oil & Gas, Transportation , Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical and Financial Services industries, as well as Government and all Corporate Enterprise networks and Real-time system infrastructures.

Alert Enterprise


AlertEnterprise Delivers IT-OT Convergence to protect Critical Infrastructure from Cyber and Operational security threats. Correlating threats across IT systems, Physical Security and SCADA/DCS Systems enables true prevention of theft, sabotage, insider threat and acts of terrorism. AlertEnterprise solutions deliver Identity and Access Management, Situational Intelligence and Incident Management and Response.

Waterfall Security


Waterfall® Security Solutions Ltd. is the leading provider of Unidirectional Security Gateways™, securely integrating industrial control systems with business networks, without incurring the safety and reliability risks which accompany firewalls. Unidirectional Gateways simplify regulatory and standards compliance, and reduce security program operating costs. For true security, demand Unidirectional Security Gateways.

Rockwell Automation


Rockwell Automation, the world's largest company dedicated to industrial automation, makes its customers more productive and the world more sustainable. Every day we help solve automation challenges and help support the safe, secure and reliable operation of industrial control systems that are owned and operated by private companies and local, state and national governments. In the normal course of business, we supply customers around the world with industrial products, services and capabilities to automate and optimize critical processes, enhance productivity and increase the value derived from these systems. Cybersecurity for processes and manufacturing automation is integral to the Rockwell Automation industrial control system philosophy and we are committed to constantly evolving our security solutions to best meet the needs of our customers and industry alike.



Codenomicon provides a suite of next-generation testing solutions that improve the security and robustness of technology that powers our connected world. Codenomicons tools empower developers and asset owners to proactively discover, identify, and remediate vulnerabilities in business-critical software and devices ahead of attacks. Build a more resilient world with Codenomicon.



For more than 30 years, Parsons has quietly worked behind the scenes delivering cyber security services that protect our nationās most sensitive information and critical infrastructure. Our commercial and federal cyber security services span specialty research and product development, consultation, cyber risk and vulnerability assessments, cyber architecture roadmaps, and technology program management. For more information, please visit www.parsons.com.

FoxGuard Solutions


FoxGuard Solutions develops innovative programs and services to improve the cybersecurity and compliance posture of industrial control systems in critical infrastructure markets. FoxGuard provides assistance with patch validation and distribution, software updating, and system hardening for control system devices, research and development services, engineering services, and field implementation services.

NexDefense, Inc.


NexDefense empowers automation and control system operators in critical infrastructure and defense facilities with the real-time knowledge needed to maintain system integrity and combat security threats. Its software solution, Sophia, maintains constant insight into and visualization of ICS network communications, giving security professionals visibility into potential threats without disrupting productivity or performance.



IGUANA Security is a brand developed specifically for the CNI market, and is brought to you by L-3 TRL Technology; with 30 years experience in developing innovative, high technology defence and security solutions. IGUANA Security provides organisations with the necessary security functions to protect the integrity, confidentiality and availability of networks whilst enabling greater business efficiency.

Pike Enterprises, Inc.


Pike Enterprises is partnering with Dispersive Technologies to commercially deliver Virtual Dispersive Networking™ (VDN) to improve GRID Security. VDN divides and disperses data randomly across multiple, independent routes where source, destination, encryption and routing continuously shift. VDN is the next generation network with substantial improvements in security, speed and resiliency.

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Navigant Research


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