CyberTalent: Benefits


The Benefits of SANS CyberTalent Assessments

In addition to clear, precise, and accurate skills assessments of information security staff, CyberTalent Assessments will save you significant time and money.

Return on Investment

Introducing the SANS CyberTalent Assessments into your recruiting and talent management strategy will reduce administrative work, improve efficiency, and significantly reduce costs. The most powerful returns on investment are derived from:

  1. Candidate Selection: The cost of hiring the wrong person is well documented, not only in financial terms of recruiting and replacing staff, but also in terms of management and human resources time, redundancy costs, and the negative impact on team morale/effectiveness.
  2. Understanding the Skill Levels of Each Individual: It is vital to ensure that the people you hire have the skills they say they do. You need to know beyond a shadow of doubt that you fully understand the current skill set of the person you are hiring, and that that person has the highest skill levels among those you considered.
  3. Widening the Candidate Pool: The candidate shortage in the information security industry is well known and a constant concern. Limiting your company to recruiting individuals with a certain accreditation means you have a very small candidate pool. Using CyberTalent Assessments enables you to broaden the search and find individuals with the required skill set who may not have a certain certification.
  4. Matching Staff to the Right Jobs: The CyberTalent Assessment tool ensures you have the right information security skills matched to the right job.
  5. Applicant Screening Tool: Using CyberTalent Assessments as an applicant screening tool reduces costs and administrative tasks and improves the efficiency of the hiring process. We recommend using CyberTalent assessments to replace the initial résumé/CV review and initial screening interviews.

Tests Based on Real World Examples

SANS CyberTalent Assessments are based on the skills required to pass Global Information Assurance Certification (GIAC) exams. The same subject matter experts who develop GIAC certification exams develop the questions and content that is tested in the CyberTalent assessments. GIAC is a global information security certification body specializing in both foundational and expert information security certifications.

CyberTalent Reports

Following a CyberTalent Assessment, you receive a set of reports clearly detailing the information security skills of the individual assessed. Whether assessing your current team to understand training requirements or comparing a recruitment shortlist of job applicants, you will have a web-based CyberTalent report in hand (available in downloadable PDF and Excel formats) that provides you with the necessary information to make your business decisions.

See an example of how the report will look.

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