Cyber Guardian: FAQ


I am not in the military and do not work in government or for a government contractor. Can I still be considered for the Cyber Guardian program?

The Cyber Guardian program was designed for military and government, but yes, infosec professionals from all industries are encouraged to apply.

Is the Cyber Guardian program for teams only or can individuals participate?

While the program was intended for teams, individuals are encouraged to join.

Do I have to take the training courses or can I challenge the exam?

We recommend that all Cyber Guardian candidates take the training courses, but you can choose to challenge the exams. You will be required to pass the GSE exam.

I already have several of the certifications required to be a Cyber Guardian. Is it possible to apply these certifications to the program?

Yes, you can apply your current GIAC certifications to the Cyber Guardian program. You will still need to chose a specialty and pass the GSE exam.

Is there a time limit for completing the Cyber Guardian program?

We recommend that candidates complete all courses and certifications within two years. If a candidate needs more time, they can talk with their advisor.