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Cyber Guardian: Cyber Guardians

The following is a list of those individuals who have acheived the distinctive title of SANS Cyber Guardian.

Cyber Guardians
Name Team
Thomas Hoffecker Red Blue
Russ McRee Red
Stephen Reese Red Blue
Ashley Deuble Red
John Jenkinson Blue
Rick Smith Blue Red
Jim Clausing Blue
Chris Mohan Blue
Ruben Recabarren Red
Craig Wright Blue Red
Eric Conrad Red
Erin Britz Blue
Anthony DeRosa Blue
Gordon Dexter Blue
Lukasz Hall Blue
John Scillieri Blue
Kevin Hoffman Blue
Seth Misenar Blue Red
Terrence O'Connor Blue Red
Guy Bruneau Blue
Evan Dygert Blue Red
Darren Manners Blue Red
Kevin Fiscus Red Blue
James Richards Blue
Andrew Johnson Red Blue