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High Tech Crimes and Insider Threats

You Will Learn:

  • The types of high tech crimes and how to recognize them.
  • How to build policies that will allow your organization to effectively investigate suspicious activities
  • How to assess risk of insider threats, and build mitigating controls.
  • How to conduct a basic investigation without destroying critical evidence.
  • How to work with Law Enforcement to reduce the business impact of criminal investigations.

Course Syllabus

CPE/CMU Credits: 6

  • Threat landscape
  • All about insiders and the Threats they pose
  • Warning Signs: What to look for
  • Incident Response: A Policy approach
  • Investigation Concepts
  • Working with Law Enforcement
  • Investigation Tools

CPE/CMU Credits: 6

  • Incident Response Scenarios
  • Detection and Mitigation Strategies
  • Evidence Collection 101
  • Basic Evidence Analysis
  • Special issues with Insiders

Additional Information

Laptop not required, but strongly suggested. Supplementary materials will require a Windows based workstation or VM.

If you have additional questions about the laptop specifications, please contact laptop_prep@sans.org.

  • Systems and Network Administrators
  • Internal Auditors and Investigators
  • Information Security Policy Professionals

  • Have familiarity with basic information security concepts
  • Have basic understanding of network engineering
  • Have basic understanding of system administration for Windows computers.

  • Downloadable forensic images containing examples of common nefarious insider activity and crime activity.
  • Demo licenses for software used in the examples.
  • A printed class manual

  • Help your organization define its high risk areas for insider threats .
  • Design detection methods for illicit insider access.
  • Build a best practices policy for incident response.
  • Implement policies for working with local law enforcement resources.
  • Safely and correctly collect electronic evidence.
  • Perform basic analysis of electronic evidence.
  • Work successfully with local law enforcement.
  • Brief stakeholders on current and foreseeable threats.

*CPE/CMU credits not offered for the SelfStudy delivery method

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