MGT404: Fundamentals of Information Security Policy

This course is designed for IT professionals recently assigned security duties which include responsibility for creating and maintaining policy and procedures.

The Fundamentals of Information Security Policy course focuses on how to write, analyze and assess a wide range of security policies including issue and system specific policy. The student will develop skills and practical experience by completing the 24 guided labs that cover both the policy header and policy body or statement and learn to create successful policy that is accepted by the organization by being sensitive to the corporate culture.

Business needs change, the environment changes, new risks are always on the horizon, and critical systems are continually exposed to new vulnerabilities. Policy development and assessment is a never ending process. This is a hands-on, exercise intensive course on writing, implementing and assessing security policies. This course is for anyone who is responsible for writing security policies and procedures.

The quality of a SANS course is "exceptional" and the instructors are true experts with real experience.

-Todd Coston, Kern Community College District


Note: There is a lot of material to cover and we do not want to throttle discussion in class, this course may run past the scheduled time.

Course Syllabus
  Laptop Recommended

Pencil and paper would suffice for the labs, but we recommend a laptop with a word processor. A CDROM is also highly recommended.

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Author Statement

"People have requested that we create a policy course for several years. As we have grown, there has been a growing need to create policy to protect people and information. The course draws on our experience, the experience of SANS instructors serving as consultants to assess or develop policy and the students we have helped with policy questions over the years."

- Stephen Northcutt

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